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Romping Through Dracula by At It Again!

Romping Through Dracula by At It Again!


This Romping through Dracula guide is an illustrated book by At it Again! about Bram Stoker’s Gothic tale. It is a fangtastic fresh take on the Irish roots of the world’s most famous vampire, its author and the places that inspired him. Dip into it if you are sinking your teeth into Dracula for the first time or even if you are at it again! Or use it as a guide to the original book or to explore Dublin and Ireland in the footsteps of Bram Stoker and his world-famous vampire. A fun literary gift for vampire lovers and literary travelers made in Ireland.

Bite-sized literature at its best, the book includes:

  • What‘s the story

  • Maps

  • Things to do

  • Quotes

  • Titbits

A6, 60 pages, round corners, perfect-bound with eco-kraft cover.

Created and printed in Dublin, Ireland, using sustainable material.

2nd Edition 2016.

ISBN 978-0-9576559-5-9